When does Galaxy Note 4 come out?

Although a lot is being said about Samsung Galaxy Note 4, prospective buyers can expect more concrete information about this device to emerge as we draw closer to its release date. More sporadic details of Galaxy Note 4will surface during the first half of this year. However, the first half should be dominated by information about Galaxy S5 as well as its pedigree instead of Galaxy Note series. More details of Samsung Note 4 will emerge in July or August. This is when internet will be filled with information about release date and features of this device. Nevertheless, there is some information on this device that is already circulating.

When does Galaxy Note 4 come out?

About Galaxy Note 4 specs

Information about the specs of this device is already speculating on the internet.

According to reliable sources, this device will have the following specifications:

  •  A RAM of 4GB
  •  On-board storage memory of 128GB
  •  3600-3800 mAh battery
  •  Dual channel WiFi feature with 4G capabilities
  •  True 2K resolution and 5.7 inches display
  •  Exynos 64-bit octa-core processor or 16-core Exynos chipset with 64-bit.

These are some of the specs that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have. There are also rumors that suggest that this device will have a metallic and plastic design just like the Galaxy S5. However, this is not clear at the moment. However, prospective buyers should expect Galaxy Note 4 to come with a new design.

Galaxy Note 4 release date

Although it is quite clear that this device is on the way, it is not known which the exact release date of this device is. Rumor mill says that the release date of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been set for the fall of this year. There are also speculations that Galaxy Note 3 will follow-up and it will have a three sided display.

Nevertheless, news about Galaxy Note 4 is making headlines at the moment although the release date is yet to be established. It is no doubt that information and rumors about this device will intensify as the launch date draws closer. Analysts say that Samsung intends to use Galaxy Note 4 in competing against Apple which is rumored to release iPhone 6 between April and September. Samsung will release Galaxy S5 during this period to compete with iPhone 6. The release of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at this time is a strategic plan that will enable Samsung to get its fair share of the market.